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About Alabaré Youth

Alabaré Youth supports young people in their faith. Being a Christian is never easy, especially when we are young, whether at school, university or as we start work. Neither is being young and a Christian always fun. Alabaré Youth brings together young Christians to explore their faith and share their experiences.

Alabaré Youth was formed by a group of teenagers. For many years it was led by teenagers and soon began to go out into churches to share with other young people.

The young people joined in community with the Alabaré Community. They decided to try every day and in every situation to be a witness to Christ and knew they could only do this with the help and support of one another.

Alabaré Youth continues to offer retreats for young people, church youth groups and young people preparing for confirmation.

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For Youth, By Youth


Are you 14-18 and a Christian? If yes then please come along.

Are you over 18, but want to get involved in Christian youth work? Please contact us.